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Free Auction and Sales Templates
Add color and style to your listing when you display your photos using one of our eBay-ready templates. Great for Craigslist or any other listing site, too! Our templates work on any site that accepts HTML. Our free auction templates are so easy to use you can generate a professional looking template with the click of a button! We also provide a user-friendly HTML editor that allows you to add logos, change colors, and further customize your template. When you're finished, just copy and paste the generated HTML code. Build a template now

Free and secure image storage & hosting
If you're looking for a secure, reliable and free image hosting solution, you've found it. Choose to host your images for eBay, Craigslist, Myspace, Facebook or any other web site, forum or board.
Privacy Guaranteed
Unlike many other image hosting sites, we offer you the option of making your uploads private. You can make any image private or disable all of the sharable link options associated with that image. The choice is yours!
Unlimited uploads
Whether you have five or five thousand images, you can upload them all. We have no limits!
No sign up required
Sign up is not required in order to upload files, but it does have many benefits. A personal account makes it easy to manage and share your images. Best of all, registration is free!

Cross-sell gallery for eBay
With our free scrolling cross-sell gallery, you can showcase all your for sale items in every one of your eBay listings. A click of a button creates an EZ gallery from your items listed on eBay. Each thumbnail opens the item's eBay listing in a new window. Customize your gallery by changing the colors, editing information displayed, even changing the size. Create a gallery now
Static Cross-sell gallery
Advertise all your for sale items in every one of your listings. Perfect for sites like Craigslist and other sites that don't support Flash. Use photos already in your account or upload a new batch of photos. Enter the URL of each of your listings to create an exciting display of all your items. Each thumbnail opens the item's listing in a new window.

You can customize your gallery by changing the background and text colors and editing your titles. Then simply copy and paste the HTML code directly into your description. Create a static gallery now

Free eBay and Craigslist photo hosting
Host all your photos for eBay and Craigslist in one convenient place - for free! There's no limit on the number of photos you can upload, no limit on the number of views, no limit on the length of time your photos are hosted. Upload photos as a set and you'll get a single URL to email or link to from any web page or listing. Our reliable hosting means your photos are always available and your photos stay up until you take them down.
Photo sets
A photo set allows you to display multiple images with a single URL. Upload as many as 100 photos to each set to ensure that you've covered all the angles and shown every detail. Then use just one web address to insert your photo set in a web page or to email to customers, friends, or family. Plus, you can make an instant auction template directly from any photo set in your account.
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