The instructions below are provided in order to help you export your video so that they may be uploaded to Videos. These instructions do not provide the steps necessary to capture and edit the videos. For detailed instructions on capturing and editing video, please refer to your specific video camera and software manuals. For general purpose capturing instructions, click here. These instructions assume that Windows Movie Maker is loaded and your final editing or capture session is in the timeline viewer.
From the Movie Tasks pane, select "Finish Movie" by clicking the down arrow.
Select "Save to my computer" from the list.
Choose a filename for your video and type it in the box labeled "Enter a file name for your saved movie ."
Please note where your video will be saved and change it if necessary. Click "Next."
Click on the link labeled "Show more choices..."
Click the radio button labeled "Other settings."
Choose "High quality video (small)" from the "Other settings" pull-down menu.
Click "Next."
You may optionally review your finished video after it is encoded by clicking the check box labeled 
"Play movie when I click Finish." Otherwise, just click "Finish" to start encoding your movie.
Your movie will begin encoding immediately.
Once you have have saved your video, go to "My Account" and upload your saved video file
by clicking on the "Upload Now" button at the top of the page.
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