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Do your research.
When selling online or offline spend some time researching other similar products this will help you determine how much your product might be worth. 
Example: Do a Completed Listing search on Ebay. This kind of search is found under "Advanced Search." This will help you gauge the interest for your product and give you an idea of how much similar items are selling for.
Perfect your Title
Most auction sites and online classifieds allow their users to search based on keywords found in the title of their listings. So it's extremely important that you include all relevant keywords in your title so potential buyers can find your item. Think about what terms you would use to search for an item like yours and incorporate them in your title. Always include brand names, material, make, model, and other important identifying terms.
2005 Seadoo, 3D, Jetski, Bombardier
Give an accurate Description
Make your offering clean, simple, and to the point. Your potential buyers should be able to quickly and easily read your description and view photos or video. Look at sellers with similar items to see the keywords and descriptions they use. Anticipate questions people may have about your item and address them in your description. Your description should include what the item is, the brand, the year made, dimensions, color, condition, special features, and other information the buyer would want to know.

Obviously, the specifics would vary according to the type of item you have for sale. A collectible would include the artist, a house would include the number of bedrooms, etc. Consider what you would want to know if you were the potential buyer.  Forms of payment, contact information, and any non-essential information should appear after your description.

2005 Seadoo 3D. Only has 3 hours total time. Absolutely perfect condition.
Riding styles include:

3D MOTO. Ride it like a motocross bike, leaning into liquid turns. Get a face full of water instead of dirt. Do it for an hour or so. Then do something else.
SHOQ. The special SHOQ insert gives you more control and stability in a VERT-like riding style. Ride as long and far as you please with greater leverage and less fatigue.
KART. It's like riding a jet powered go-kart. Circle a small island in KART mode. It'll feel like a high-banked speedway.
VERT. Ever surf? Ever skate? Doesn't matter. Easily get the feeling of both in a position more stable than an old-school stand up. Contact me with any questions!

Let them see your Item
Put your most comprehensive photo first. It will create the viewer's first impression. Avoid busy backgrounds that detract from the item itself. Make sure you have resized any images to a reasonable size so they load quickly. Huge graphics simply slow down the loading of your page. A link to's free video hosting service allows you to show video and additional photos without bogging down your basic listing. Link to your images from any online listing, including Ebay, Amazon,com, and Craigslist or include your item # or URL in any off-line listings. Click here for examples

Include a video
Make your listing stand out from the crowd. Catch your Jetski in action, give potential buyers a virtual tour of your home for sale, or show off your classic car with an eye-catching video. Video allows the viewer to see your item in detail and from all sides. Actually seeing it in action conveys so much more than static photos can. You can also enhance your video through audio captured while filming, background music, or even a commentary on the item.
Be honest

It's best to give potential buyers a complete picture of your item up front. Be honest about the condition of your item. If there is damage, document it in your video. You will have greater credibility, will quickly turn away viewers who are looking for something different,  and you will avoid having the sale fall through when your buyer discovers undisclosed defects. 

Offer additional Information

Encourage buyers to email you with any further questions and be sure to respond promptly. If you are slow to answer your emails, you will lose many potential buyers. They will go on to other sellers' listings and may look upon your listing less favorably if you are not quick and courteous in your reply to their questions or concerns.

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